Small rugs

Small rug MsB 001

The brown main field is filled with two “latch-hook” medallions also known as Mushwani medallion. Mushwani is also the name of a tribe which use this medallion in its textiles, but not all textiles with this medallions are made from Mushwanis. (see also L ...

Small rug MsB 051

On a camel coloured main field lie in four vertical rows nine quadrats. Each of them contains a “Blossom around Kotshak”. The blossoms colouration is accidentally. So there are no additional geometrical structures to find in the main filed except of the v ...

Small rug MsB 054 fragment

On a camel coloured main field lie, in three different couloured diagonal rows from upper right to lower left, Guldoni motifs (= Flower pots) or an imitation of shrubs or small trees known from the Dochtar-i-Ghazi (?) or simply a variation of the Bovrek-m ...

Small rug MsB 062

Small rug MsB 070

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