The aim of this Internet site is:

  • to share with a community the beauty of the textiles made from the Baluchs and
  • to collect known and unknown information and pictures about the textiles which were produced from Baluchs.


Not the aim of this Internet site is:

  •  to become a rug sales platform,
  •  to represent political, religious or dogmatic opinions.


How these aim should be reached:

  • I tried to construct this site in a way that you should feel yourself inspired to surf into the site through the different collections and by comparing textiles which similar characteristics are summarized to find under “Tag”-groups.
  •  To each presented textile one could makes comments which can maybe launch a discussion about a special characteristic of this pieces.
  •  It is possible that other Baluch textile collectors could present their collection under their “own name” but using the same template(s) and layout (separate “Collection” under “Baluch Collections”).


Your contribution:

  • I hope for a lot of intersting input about Baluch textiles from you, Textile Collectors from all over the world. 



Few months ago I had a talk with the well-known Baluch expert Michael Craycraft about visions and dreams concerning Baluch textiles. He told me that it would be fantastic if a lot of Baluch Collectors would bring or send a good part of their collection to one place in the world. This would be a unique possibility to get new knowledge by comparing, analyzing and maybe also dating a whole group of similar textiles with the result that one could maybe clearer confirm or reject some of the “wild” ideas about Baluchs and their textiles.


 Exactly this is what I wish for this Internet site. Collecting data and exchanging knowledge about Baluch textiles. I hope that this site becomes maybe a first, virtual step to the goals described from Michael. You will give me the answer with your contribution…


 About me:

My name is Martin. I live in the German part of Switzerland / Europe. I am collecting Baluch rugs since more than 15 years. For me most fascinating Baluch rugs are symmetric knotted, so my collection is focused on them.

You may contact me via mail to: martin(at)




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