It would be a pleasure for me if you would use to share your knowledge about Baluch textile with an interested community.


After having created your own - Account (registrate here) you are invited to:

  • upload pictures and descriptions from your favorite Baluch textiles by creating your own “Collection” on this site,
  • discuss shown Baluch textiles by creating “Comments” for them.


Furthermore it would be glad if you can send me via mail to: Martin(at) additional information about literature and links as also information and files to the following topics:

  • about the Baluchi tribal
  • classification of Baluch textiles
  • technical aspects about Baluch textiles
  • about colour scheme from Baluch textiles
  • motifs and designs from Baluch textiles
  • design principals for Baluch textiles


My contribution:

First I will show all this info I got from you on this page.

Second I will, once there is more information in my hand, show it in an appropriate structure (e.g. a Baluch textile wikipedia), so that we all can use this little information we have about this beautiful Baluch textile for creating further ideas thesis and conclusions.



I hope you feel joy to support my idea, meanwhile I am curious about your contribution!



Where your "Collection" will be shown:


Where your can create "Coments":


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