Marlos Turkish knotted Baluchs

Marlos Turkish knotted Baluchs

Within the most different textile products of the Baluchi I am most fascinated from symmetrical knotted (also „Turkish knot“ or „Ghiordes knot“) pieces.

The collection shown here contains not only “high class collecting pieces” from Aimaqs, Baluch-Kurds and Bahlulis, but also worn and heavy used "study pieces".

Here, primarily, my aim is to share the joy about the artistic beauties from this type of tribal crafts. If here, in addition, will rise some discussion about “electric symmetric” Baluchs, I would be pleased very much. 

To identify the motives I followed the motive registers from K. Troost and H. Klieber.


I will add here additional symmetric knotted Baluch rugs continuously....

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